About the amp

Pure Design Topology

  • Class A triodes
  • OTL SE circuit (output transformerless & single-ended)
  • P2P soldering installation (point-to-point)
  • No global circuit feedback
  • Robust power supply with internal circuit applied on vacuum tube for anode voltage switch-on delay
  • AC current vacuum tube heating
  • Minimal components between source and electro-acoustic driver

High-End selected audio components

  • NOS (new old stock) carefully chosen from well-known manufacturers fabricated during the golden age of vacuum tube production
  • Highly refined supporting components: resistors, capacitors, source-selector, potentiometer, sockets, induction components in the hi-end specification

Modern Design

  • Solid chassis, built from non-magnetic aluminium parts fabricated by CNC with a powder-coated finish
  • Corten steel front panel, individually hand-made and finished

Designed & Manufactured in Poland by Fulianty Audio

Box content:

  • amplifier ST-18 with NOS tubes
  • power cord PC-18
  • interconnect IC-18
  • dedicated headphones Beyerdynamic DT-150
  • user manual
  • certificate and warranty card

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