About the amp

Tube headphone amplifier ST-18

Pure Design Topology

  • Class A triodes
  • OTL SE circuit (output transformer less & single-ended)
  • P2P soldering installation (point-to-point)
  • No global circuit feedback
  • Robust power supply
  • Anode voltage delayed switching system based on an electron tube
  • AC vacuum tube heating
  • Only four components in the signal path

High-End selected audio components

  • NOS (new old stock) carefully chosen from well-known manufacturers fabricated during the golden age of vacuum tube production
  • Highly refined supporting components: resistors, capacitors, source-selector, potentiometer, sockets, induction components in the hi-end specification

Modern Design

  • Solid chassis, built from non-magnetic aluminium parts fabricated by CNC with a powder-coated finish
  • Corten steel front panel, individually hand-made and finished

Box content

  • amplifier ST-18 with NOS tubes
  • power cord PC-18
  • product guide
  • certificate and warranty card

Terms of Trade


  • 5.550,- € (excl. VAT / hors TVA)


  • VAT of 23% is applied to all goods and services sold within EU. EU businesses can order with zero VAT if their VAT number is provided in advance.

Dealer sales and orders

  • If we have a representative in your country, you can order from the Dealer. The net price is the same and Dealers add local VAT.

Direct sales and orders

  • Anyone from a country where we do not have a representative can purchase the product directly from us by contacting us via e-mail. Current list of dealers and representatives is always listed on our website.


  • We accept the payments in form of bank transfer to our Euro account and Polish Zloty account.


  • We ship the goods only after 100% of price and shipping cost has cleared in our account. We choose shipping company unless otherwise agreed.

Limited Warranty

  • The amplifier was manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. The limited warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for 36 months (NOS tubes for 6 months), from date of purchase. Our limited warranty is void if the product is returned with broken seal, any alternations or in case of improper use. To request warranty service please provide document of purchase and description of the problem. The warranty does cover shipping the goods back to the user but it does not cover shipping from the user to us.



The front panel of the amplifier is made of Corten steel.

Due to the specificity of this material, individual pieces differ in the intensity and texture of the patina.

Product Guide

Product Guide ST-18.pdf

Unpacking the amplifier

Unpacking ST-18

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